Protective Coatings and Relining

Industrial equipment and plant assets are often subjected to extreme forces such as abrasion, erosion, impact and chemical attack that can drastically impact reliability and overall plant profitability. From storage tanks and pumps, to containment facilities and fans, Morgan Solutions will help by protecting valuable assets and maintain plant uptime with innovative industrial coating solutions for metal and concrete surfaces.

Industrial Equipment Wear Protection & Prevention

These advanced coatings can be used throughout the plant for:

  • Resisting the forces of abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high impact
  • Protecting surfaces from high temperatures and chemicals
  • Metal repair/rebuilding
  • Pump performance/energy efficiency
  • Rubber lining repair
  • Ceramic tile replacement
  • Concrete protection
  • Secondary containment protection

Extreme Condition Coatings for Metal and Concrete

Morgan Solutions coatings are engineered to provide the maximum protection to extend the life and improve performance of vital plant assets. It:

  • Restores worn equipment and damaged concrete surfaces which were previously considered to be irreplaceable
  • Provides cost-effective, long-term corrosion prevention compared to exotic alloys and conventional coatings
  • Increases operational efficiency, resulting in higher sustained output
  • Mitigates the impact of abrasive-wear to process equipment and critical infrastructure
  • Extends the service life of new and in-service equipment
  • Improves "Mean Time Between Failure"

Samples of MS's Industrial Coating Solutions:

  • Repair and protect damaged chimney and stack linings to avoid costly replacement
  • Reduce risk of environmental spills and associated fines by protecting storage tanks and secondary chemical containment areas
  • Provide cost-effective, long-lasting repairs for pumps degraded by abrasive forces while also increasing flow efficiency
  • Improve safety through protective industrial floor coatings
  • Increase uptime and performance of industrial fans by reducing particle build-ups which otherwise can lead to imbalance and bearing fatigue