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Frequently Asked Questions

Coating-on-concrete is applied for both new and old concretes. We inspect the concrete object to select appropriate coating material. The thorough process of selecting a coating or topping system, like the detailed specifications, preparation of accurate application procedures and the final acceptance criteria will give the owner a basis for choosing the right system. There is a very complete selection process to narrow the search for the right product and application for concrete coatings. Choosing the right contractor to install the coating is as important as choosing the coating itself. For the best result, find a contractor who is trained to install the type of coating to be used.

Steel is prone to rusting, a phenomenon that causes the surface to become unsightly and, over time, may contribute to product failure. Corrosion is an electrochemical process that, in the case of steel, oxidizes the iron in the steel and causes it to become thinner over time. This characteristic of steel is very undesirable, both aesthetically and from the aspect of service life. Fortunately coatings can be applied to steel in a very cost-effective manner to confer sufficient corrosion protection so that it can be used for a multitude demanding applications. Coatings-on-metal protects steel in two principle ways: first, like paint, they provide barrier protection, and secondly, they provide galvanic protection in most instances.

Yes, our pipe rehabilitation will repair missing pipe sections and cracks located in the pipe. The CCTV inspection will provide unquestionable evidence of the pipe's internal condition.

Yes! Our Pipe rehabilitation is rapid and more environment friendly comparative to conventional changing technology of underground pipe. Using this advanced technology, we do not destroy earth along the entire length of pipeline, and do not remove old pipes. We use existing manholes or dig few small pits if necessary to rehabilitate the existing pipelines in-place.

Since rehabilitation service restores underground pipe, the conventional way requires to replace their existing piping system with a new one. This includes costs for: replacing concrete, excavation of sidewalks/driveways/landscaping, ripping and replacing the old pipe, and time commitment for the excavation project.

Morgan Solutions's way of rehabilitation does not require to replace the old pipe at all, which will save thousands of dollars and huge amount of time.

The difference between predictive and preventative maintenance is that, the Preventive Maintenance is performed, while the equipment is under normal operation, to avoid unexpected breakdown before it happens. The Predictive Maintenance, on the other hand, directly monitors equipment performance during normal operations to anticipate failure.

A production shutdown is the ultimate waste of time and money for any business; what’s more — it is totally preventable. Frequent inspections and thorough preventative maintenance is your best way to ensure that the equipment stays online and your production schedule is not negatively impacted by a sudden and unforeseen complications.

Preventative maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment, letting you get the most out of your investment.

Whatever your business is, quality is a top priority. The best way to ensure that you are operating at your absolute best is to check and double-check your equipment in the whole system by performing regular preventative maintenance. It ensures your equipment are operating at 100 percent.

Preventative maintenance is always better than reactive repairs and/or replacements. You don’t want to learn about a system problem when it’s too late, which is why you should make maintenance and inspection a part of your regular routine. You are far more likely to spot a problem in the early stages, when it can be corrected in a more cost-efficient manner, if you are constantly checking and maintaining your system

Our commitment

Morgan Solutions has put a sustainable development at the center of its activities and undertaken a goal to continuously improve on the subject.
The Company complies strictly with all regulations that apply to its activities.
Every development is fully complied with performance standards and has the best practices in the international mining industries and corporations.
To support the implementation of its sustainable development policy, it has adopted dedicated charters and policies, such as: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

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